ImStarvin online-ordering

for only €365/year

The ImStarvin online ordering platform will provide more flexibility for lower costs. We take ZERO commission. You can Increase your profits on takeaway sales for the cost of a once yearly flat rate charge.

One fixed charge €365/year +VAT

Boost your yearly income without increasing customer order

Customer orders go straight to your App

Card orders go straight to your Bank

Accept/Reject order

Customer collects or…
           …use ImStarvin FoodTaxi. (free 6 month trial)

Why ImStarvin works….

ImStarvin provides you 100% control over each stage of the ordering process from menu listings to customer payments. ImStarvin is more than an online ordering service; it’s a complete commerce solution.

Customers don’t waste time searching for individual websites. They prefer a single online location for local food deals and new restaurants. Partnering with us automatically positions your restaurant in the local digital market place.

Do you have your own website? Why not incorporate our listing system on your webpage and save thousands of euros in development costs?

Using ImStarvin will give you 100% confidence with your online orders

Customers are able to leave reviews and feedback, so you can better respond to your clients’ needs.

Get the best rates on card sales and reduce your running costs.

You have 100% control over menu listings, pricing, special offers and customer payments.

Online-ordering with ImStarvin is
easier than ever

ImStarvin makes repeat business easy. Customers can repeat historical orders, save multiple delivery addresses, search for nearby restaurants using GPS, leave feedback for restaurants or even for delivery drivers.

In Summary

No hidden cost

No setup fees

0% commission

Dedicated merchant account

Free access to our Menu Management Control panel

Choose your own Collection/Delivery times

Full control of your Business

95.5% cheaper than Current Market leader

Immediate approval

Start selling straight away

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