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Drivers can receive delivery requests from any registered restaurant/store in Ireland. The app will provide facilities to process these delivery orders, allow drivers to communicate live with the merchant, and get notified any new messages. The app will provide distance and estimated time to reach merchant location (pickup point).

ImStarvin Food Taxi

-Be your own Boss. Start working whenever you want, wherever you want.

-Simply download the ImStarvin Food Taxi App and register as a driver.

-ImStarvin takes no commission. There are no hidden charges, Keep all the money you earn! .

Start Working

-The Food Taxi App sends out delivery request details to all drivers.

-Accept/Reject as you wish

-Collect and deliver the order.

-After completion, search for the next nearest pick up request.

Things you will need:

-High Visibility Safety Vests.

-Provide yourself with 2 professional grade hot food bags.

-A full license for your fully road legal vehicle
(please make sure you have a clear picture of your NCT, License, Road tax and insurance in your mobile device ready to be uploaded during the registration process).

Note: This app typically use 1 GB of data per month. Because of location service, using this app can rapidly decrease your phone's battery life.

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